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  • Dublin City University is delighted to take part in the NSHS Ireland.
    We absolutely prioritise understanding our students needs and want to create the best possible student living experience. By taking part in the NSHS we hope to further refine our accommodation offer and understand our wider market position.

    Dublin City University
    David Doyle, Dublin City University

Student Accommodation Insight and Benchmarking for Ireland

learn how your students' experience measures up to Irish and UK competitor benchmarks

  • Benchmark results for deeper understanding
  • Tailor the survey to meet your needs
  • Receive professional high-impact reports
  • Covers halls, PBSH and private rentals
  • Track emerging sector trends
  • Save hundreds of hours of work
  • Benefit from recognised industry awards
  • Measures all aspects of the experience

The UK National Student Housing Survey was launched in 2007 and now draws together data from over 200 Universities and Colleges. In spring 2018 the National Student Housing Survey is launching in Ireland with further global expansion in 2019.

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Features & Benefits

The control and flexibility you need

  • Participation in the NSHS is easy, and basic participation is free to all institutions. We setup and host the survey for you, and provide marketing materials and advice on how to effectively publicise it to your students. Once data collection is complete we'll do all the analysis and send your reports. We even provide a national prize draw incentive.

  • We can add tailored questions into the core question set, eradicating the need for you to also carry out costly internal surveys. Not only do you save thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours of work, but you also gain all the benefits of professional research conducted at a national level.

  • In addition to your own institution-specific reports, you'll also receive copies of national reports, analysis and infographics, delivering a holistic profile of the student housing market. The survey examines all types of student accommodation, from private and university halls to private rentals and owned homes allowing you to understand changing market trends across the sector.

  • The survey takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of the student accommodation experience, from the search process right through to reasons for leaving, and everything in-between. The question set has matured and stabilised over the last few years to allow participants to track their relative performance over time and measure the impact of changes to the local accommodation landscape.

  • By participating in a national survey, you'll have the option of benchmarking your results against any group of institutions you define, or against regional, national or mission-group results. This can help you to really understand your performance in context and identify specific strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

  • The NSHS has been carefully designed to provide a compelling and interactive experience for your students. The question set includes sophisticated routing to ensure that individual students are kept engaged and are only asked questions relevant to them. Once the survey goes live our admin system allows you to monitor the number of responses in real-time and adjust your promotional activity accordingly.

  • The NSHS recognises excellence; each year a number of awards are made to organisations receiving outstanding student feedback across a range of criteria. If you win an award you'll receive a logo to display on your website and marketing materials. In addition to the awards, we also issue our coveted International Accommodation Quality Mark to organisations demonstrating outstanding levels of satisfaction among international students.

Student Housing Awards Ireland

an awards programme sharing and recognising best practice in student accommodation

How it Works

Four simple steps

If you haven't done so already, we recommend that you download the information pack for more details about how the NSHS works and all the benefits.

The information pack includes an Executive Summary Overview ready to share with colleagues to help them understand the project, and to help you get the buy-in you need to proceed.

If you choose to take part in the project, the main decision you'll need to make is what level of reporting to choose. Basic participation is completely FREE for universities but there are also a number of paid options offering additional benefits and representing extraordinary value for money.

Throughout your decision-making process we'll be on hand to offer advice and support - just Contact Us with any questions and we'll be happy to help.

When you're ready to proceed, simply select your chosen reporting option from the pricing grid below. Complete the short form with some basic information and we'll get in touch to confirm the details and get everything prepared for you.

We'll email you the project handbook (and send a hard-copy if you'd like) along with a spreadsheet containing all the details we already hold in our system about your institution and your halls. Simply make any amendments necessary and return to us to complete the setup.

At this point we'll also discuss and agree any customisations you'd like to the question set or reporting options and get these ready in plenty of time for your launch.

The core NSHS question set evolves every year based on consultation with participating institutions in November and December so we'd recommend you register early to take advantage of this opportunity.

Once we've completed your NSHS setup, we'll provide you with your live survey link. You're free to promote the survey at any time during the 'live' window according to your own needs and policies. We often find that twin promotion either side of the Easter break is most effective.

We'll provide you with all the resources you need to successfully promote the survey to your students including email templates, web banners and poster designs. We even run a national prize draw worth over £500 although we can also support any additional prizes you'd like to offer your own students.

While your survey is live we'll send you regular updates by email and you'll have access to your own admin portal showing you live real-time response counts and completion rates.

Our new real-time data processing capabilities mean we're able to quality-check, clean and collate data on-demand. Reports can therefore be requested as soon as you're ready to close your promotion - there's no need to wait until the project closes at the end of May.

Your reports will include all the benchmarking, demographics, free-text responses and customisations you've asked for. Reports are delivered as a high-impact PowerPoint deck, allowing you to easily present and share the key findings with colleagues.

Alongside the Powerpoint edition, you'll get access to an interactive online version allowing any member of your team to explore results in detail through interactive charts and tables covering every aspect of the survey.

In June you'll also receive a copy of the National Report with our summary analysis and infographics illustrating the trends and opportunities emerging at a national level.

  • Dublin City University is delighted to take part in the NSHS Ireland. We absolutely prioritise understanding our students needs and want to create the best possible student living experience. By taking part in the NSHS we hope to further refine our accommodation offer and understand our wider market position.

    Dublin City University
    Dublin City University
  • One of the unique benefits of the NSHS is that it's so simple to get involved. Accommodation surveys are something we know we need to do but they can be incredibly time consuming and costly. The NSHS takes a lot of that pain away and delivers us richer data than we could get if we did it ourselves.

    University of Stirling
    University of Stirling
  • As well as the findings providing valuable insight and informing decision making, we've been impressed by the National Student Housing Survey for its quality and value for money. Red Brick Research demonstrate an expert understanding of the sector and offer good advice and support for maximising responses.

    University of Surrey
    University of Surrey
  • We have enjoyed a very high participation rate from our students giving us some very useful feedback on the services that we provide. We have also utilised the option to customise the survey for our institution giving us great additional feedback on particular issues that are specific to us at the time.

    University of Essex
    University of Essex
  • The NSHS allows us to benchmark our performance with other operators, and enables us to carry out an annual review of our entire portfolio in a cost effective way, but most of all allows us to get valuable independent confirmation of our students' views about the quality of the accommodation and service that we provide.

    Victoria Hall
    Victoria Hall

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